Introducing the Davy DB3

  • Fully Electric
  • Onboard ADAS
  • Telematics
  • 3 Seats
  • Sporty Layout
  • Video of all the fun

The DB3 is world’s first electric sport UTV, and YOU can drive it! These incredible machines are only available for members of the Davy Club. The Davy vehicles feature advanced driver assistance features that enable safe handling of incredibly high performing vehicles. The onboard telematics enable fleet management and navigation, along with enabling on board video of your adventure! A first ever 3 seat layout puts YOU in control, front and center while allowing friends and family to come along for the ride. The integrated electric drivetrain and sporty seating layout all contribute to a low center of gravity that further improves the performance and safety of the vehicle, giving you the best possible experience out on the trails. Connect with us now and find out how YOU can join the Club!

Coming soon to a vacation destination near you!

FALL 2022


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