Brendan Bogan

I’ve been making electrical projects since day one! My early fascination with all things electrical and automotive lead to me starting to program C++ at 13. I then made my first custom circuit board at age 15 for my first of many autonomous robots in a high school robotics club. During my tenure their I helped make a robot that was so fast and powerful that it got the highest level of the National Robotics Challenge banned (there are still rules to this day disqualifying any robots in other classes that are too aggressive. Oops).

After winning multiple Gold awards at the National Robotics Challenge, my sights moved on to modifying, tuning, and racing my Subaru WRX’s. Working on cars lead to a convenient source of income while I worked through my BS in Electrical Engineering at Purdue University. While at Purdue I got exposure to EVs through doing all of the electrical work for an EV Grand Prix kart team. Through my car network I got involved in projects like a supercar prototype and record holding World Time Attack car! I got to flex my EV and autonomous muscles one last time at school with a final project that involved designing and building an autonomous kart controller, including the power electronics to run the steering and brakes.

After graduating, I worked in the ADAS team for the Commercial Vehicle Division of ZF, the world’s largest commercial vehicle supplier. While there I created a data analytics system that enabled me to make data driven algorithm and calibration changes, ultimately leading to production ready vehicle software. Today my code is on the road saving lives.

Now its time for the next chapter of my journey with Davy. All evidence points to the global climate being the biggest crisis of our generation. The transition to electric and autonomous vehicles is a response to that crisis that will change our society as much or more than the mobile phone. While passenger cars become blobs on wheels, vehicles that are enjoyable to drive are going the way of the horse. But that’s not a bad thing, it just means we need a better horse. I’m looking forward to riding with you. – Brendan